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Is your 401k working hard for you? In this post I review the key things you can do to optimize your 401k to make it work harder for you! Click the image to check out the tips and tricks to optimizing your 401k plan! 401k | betterment | budget | debt | fidelity | financial independence | index funds | investing | ira | mortgage | personal capital | personal finance | real estate investing | retirement | roth ira | saving | side hustle | stock investing | student loans | vanguard | wealthfront | jobs | career | credit | bankruptcy 0

A Cheat Sheet for Optimizing Your 401(k) Plan

Do you know where the money you invest for your 401(k) plan is going? Do you know how to truly optimize your contributions for tax-free gains? Make sure you are set for retirement with these few simple steps to make your 401(k) plan work harder for you.