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Do you have terrible credit? In this post you will find a simple step by step guide to fixing bad credit. Click the image to check out the tips and tricks to increase your credit score! 401k | betterment | budget | debt | fidelity | financial independence | index funds | investing | ira | mortgage | personal capital | personal finance | real estate investing | retirement | roth ira | saving | side hustle | stock investing | student loans | vanguard | wealthfront | jobs | career | credit | bankruptcy 0

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Bad Credit

So you have terrible credit and can’t get approved for the things you want or have astronomically high interest rates? Stuff happens, just because you have bad credit, doesn’t make you a bad person. There is still time to salvage your credit score with these 14 simple steps. I won’t happen overnight, but with a little dedication, you will be in the 700s in no time!