10 Ways to Save BIG on Amazon

While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff

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Unless you have been living under a rock…

I’m sure you have shopped or at least heard of Amazon.

I have been shopping on Amazon for many years, it is ALWAYS my first go-to when looking for something.

It all started in my search or health products, I could find anything that I needed, large vats of coconut oil to flax seed in bulk. I could find all the “weird” ingredients that I needed for my new found health journey at a good price and get it within 2 days! Between my husband’s nerdiness and my health food addiction, it seemed like there was an Amazon package on our doorstep every day or so.


I do my best not to impulse buy, but let me tell you, I have SEVERAL very long wish lists! (especially of books!)


One of my absolute favorite ways to use Amazon is during Christmas. I make lists for my kids and share them with family members, that way they get things they actually need rather than just useless crap from the store.

But, did you know that there are hacks to saving even more on Amazon?!

If you are also part of ASA (Amazon Shoppers Anonymous), then keep reading to find out how you can save while purchasing half your wish list.

Here are eight online apps that can help you shop smart and save money. Bonus, they are easy to use and FREE!

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Now I don’t normally advocate to use credit cards unless it has some pretty good benefits. And Amazon has done just that!

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card not only give you a $70 Amazon Gift Card when you are approved, it also gives you 5% cash back! So if Amazon is pretty much your go-to for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you buy, then you might want to consider signing up for one.

A word of caution though, make sure you are keeping yourself in check with your purchases and you are paying the card off at the end of every month.

There are also some additional benefits to using the Amazon card. Like 2% cash back at gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores and 1% cash back on everything else.

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Amazon Coupons

I used to be one of those crazy coupon ladies. It felt good to save a ton of money grocery shopping, but that is where my coupon use was limited to.

Not anymore!

Did you know that you can use coupons on Amazon now?


You heard me right, coupons on Amazon!

Amazon Coupons lets you clip coupons for a ton of stuff. You don’t even have to waste printer ink printing them out, they are applied right at the checkout.

You can find coupons for items in the Prime Pantry, grocer

ies, health and beauty products, and even tech.

Just look, 20% of Clorox wipes!

Amazon coupons

You don’t even have to search through the coupons if you are just going about your normal shopping. Amazon will notify you if there is a coupon you are able to use.


Amazon Trade-In

Earn Amazon gift cards by trading in your old stuff!

And it doesn’t have to just be things you originally purchased off of Amazon, as long as it fits into the categories.

I used to do this ALL THE TIME with my old textbooks. I would always get more back for them trading them in through Amazon than I would the book buybacks through the school.

It’s super simple to do AND you don’t have to pay for shipping…BONUS!

Simply search for the item you want to trade in, ship your items using the free pre-paid shipping label provided by Amazon and get an Amazon gift card credited to your account within 10 days after your trade-in arrives.



Get a refund when there is a price drop.

Don’t you hate it when you buy something just to see it at a lower price a few days later?

Doesn’t it make you feel icky? Like you did something wrong?

You make a purchase and then just want to delete the confirmation email so you don’t have to feel guilty or experience shoppers remorse? Well not anymore!

When you download Earny, you never have to worry about overpaying again! 

This may sound a little techie here but bare with me. Earny is a free platform that scans your email archives for receipts.

If Earny finds a receipt from Amazon (or another one of the major retailers), it tracks the prices online and issues you a refund if and when the price drops.

Pretty sweet, huh?

This one is super easy, even for lazy people like me ?. Once you sign up for it, you don’t need to do anything!



Umm…honey, oh wait…

Using Honey when you are shopping Amazon makes your shopping experience just a little sweeter ?.

Even though we generally think of Amazon as a way to get the best pricing on everything, sometimes you might be surprised that there are cheaper options.

I know that when I’m in a hurry to buy something, like my daughter’s wrist braces that she needs to gymnastics camp in 3 days, I can easily overpay.

And then I get sad and want to cry over my bank statement.

But what if there was a better way to outsmart Amazon and never overpay again?

There is!

Honey is not only a tasty treat but now comes in an easy to install browser extension that gives you the sweetest deal every time!

(And my husband says I have no sense of humor, lol!)

So here’s how it works:

First, install the browser extension, then do your Amazon shopping as usual. When you visit any product page Honey will check for the lowest available price available. Without any further effort on your part, Honey takes into account shipping, sales taxes, seller ratings, and Prime status.

If honey finds a better deal a little orange tag will appear with the best price.

Honey’s busy little bees are also working in the background and can even tell you the best time to buy based on price change history.



Share your shopping history with ShopTracker. Companies are always looking to learn their customers’ behaviors. They then use this information to improve the customers’ shopping experience.

There are a few requirements that you need in order to sign up for ShopTracker:

  • If you don’t shop on Amazon, don’t even bother downloading the app.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S.
  • You’ll need at least a Windows 7-compatible PC. (If you have Windows XP or a Mac, it won’t work.)

Do you meet the requirements? Ok, download it here!

You can earn your first $3 gift card within 48 hours just by sharing your purchase history.

Follow the steps here:

  • Sign up and download the ShopTracker app on your Windows computer AND Apple or Android phone. It only takes about two minutes! You’ll need to answer a few quick questions about your Amazon use to qualify.
  • Open the app, log into your Amazon account to automatically share your purchase history.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive your first Visa e-gift card code for $3!
  • Take a couple of minutes to share your purchase history to earn another $3 each month.

Don’t worry, your information is securely collected by the Harris Poll. Harris Poll is a trusted market research company that has been around for more than 20 years! So they really know what they’re doing! Plus, ShopTracker removes any personal information before reporting it.



I first started using Ibotta for grocery shopping. But then I realized I could use it for Amazon too!

Double score!

If you sign up for a year of Amazon Prime (which you totally should if you do ANY shopping on Amazon) you get a $20 Amazon gift card from Ibotta.

But I’m already a Prime member ? how can I earn cash back?

No worries, you can still earn cash back when shopping through Amazon, here are just a few of the offers:

3% cash back on Amazon baby

3% cash back on Amazon beauty

2.5% cash back on Amazon health and personal care

3% cash back on Amazon devices

3% cash back on Amazon Furniture

and 5% cash back on Amazon private label products like Ella Moon (exclusive to Prime members)

Just download the app the shop Amazon through the app-download it here and get a $10 bonus! 



Ok, so this one is a little different. It’s more of an investing app rather than a money-saving app.

I have a change jar that we throw all of our spare change into and then cash it out when it gets full. Acorns is kind of like your digital change jar. When you are shopping on Amazon, or anywhere for that fact, Acorns will round up your purchase and invest the spare change.

Easy peasy!

You don’t even need to take your change jar to the bank!

Even better, sign up for Acorns using this link and get a FREE $5!

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Have you heard of Drop yet? It’s a pretty new platform, but it is gaining some recognition.

Drop is a financial tech company that rewards you for your purchases.

Pretty sweet! 

All you have to do is link a credit or debit card that you normally use for purchases. Drop will then reward you for doing your everyday shopping, whether you’re ordering a pizza, getting an Uber or grocery shopping.

Once you rack up points, you can redeem them for gift cards to major retailers, like Amazon!

Once you get signed up, you’ll receive a one-time Amazon offer that lets you earn 2,000 points if you spend at least $20. Whoo hoo!

I love me some bonuses!



Oh, how I love Ebates!

One of the great things about being new to Ebates? They give you a $10 gift card to use right off the bat!

I always do a happy dance when there is FREE MONEY involved.

You do have to make a qualifying purchase to get the $10, but that is pretty easy if you do a lot of shopping on Amazon anyway.

Just sign up for Ebates using your email or Facebook account.

Then as long as you make your first purchase of $25 or more within the first 90 days, you get a FREE $10 gift card for Walmart or in the form of Ebates cash. (Ebates sends their “Big Fat Checks” every quarter).

Get a big fat check with ebates! Sign up through the link and get $10 free and $25 for every friend that you refer!

Your rewards are then credited to your account and you get to cash out your $10.

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If this doesn’t give you an excuse to spend even, uh, I mean save even more on Amazon, I don’t know what will!

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While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff
While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff
While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff
While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff
While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff
While we all know the savings to be had at Amazon, here are ten little known was to save money (and make some cash back) while shopping on Amazon.com! #amazon #savemoney #saveonamazon #savemoneyonamazontips #saveonamazonproducts #freestuff

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